Lamar Bausher – The Brand

The Brand

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Beautiful Burgundy, Glorious Gold

Lamar has multiple origins (from Arabic, English, French, Latin, German and Spanish) portray multicultural harmony envisioned for the project.

Lamar in Arabic is a reference to Gold (“liquid gold or golden water /the shine & sparkle/ brightness of Diamonds and Gold.”)

Lamar Bausher

Gold is valuable and so is your time…..
Every moment at home should feel like a holiday…..

Pronunciation: The name is easily pronounced both in English & Arabic as la-MAR.

The word Bausher is attributed to its prime location.

The proposed name “Lamar” is truly a unique name. With multiple origins, it portrays the multicultural harmony that we envision for the project.

The Arabic origins of the name Lamar signify “liquid gold or golden water /the shine & sparkle/ brightness of Diamonds and Gold.” Its Arabic meaning refers to gold which, as a metal, is the best form of investment implying that our project would be a wise investment. The shine and sparkle of gold and diamonds bring a feeling of happiness and warmth to the development. Also, the name depicts a high end, unique, luxury development.

Lamar originates from a French and English surname, originally from a name of a place in Normandy, which was derived from Old French “la mare” meaning the “pool/ the pond”. It also means “dweller by water.” In Latin & Spanish Lamar means “of the sea”.

With 2 main pools and numerous plunge pools, the name does justice to its French, Latin and Spanish origins. This not only connects the project to nature, it also adds the element of sustainability and environmentally friendly surroundings.

Water is essential to life and it brings a sense of peace, harmony and tranquility. This is what we want the residents to feel when they live here.

In French and German Lamar is also “famous land”. We aim for an iconic development which would be a benchmark for quality, comfort and splendor.

The name Lamar strives to define sustainability with no compromise on quality as the golden future of Oman.

The Rationale

Blending the old with the new, the modern with the traditional, infusing cultures to coexist harmoniously- after much deliberation and brainstorming, to arrive at such a feel, the project details were finalized. This same though process was involved in choosing an appropriate name and logo. Lamar was born…

Beautiful Burgundy, Glorious Gold

The entire logo is a combination of vibrant and majestic colours. Burgundy (Deep Reddish Purplish colour) and Golden are both regal colours. The angles and curves in the logo font are a reminder of the counterpart angles of the actual façade of the building especially the frontage. The font also gels well with the chosen logo.

Based on advice from the management, the architect who has an understanding of every arc, every line of the building, was involved. The logo is an actual doorway taken from the main entrance door of the building welcoming people through a doorway to a certain type of lifestyle.

This lifestyle hints at grandeur as shown through the gold colour and yet implies an understated elegance from the burgundy. The solid gold lines in the doorway are an outward projection or rather standing out from the rest of the logo symbolizing an outstanding project, This would also give a 3D feeling of actually walking into the community.

The use of the colour golden conveys elegance, success, royalty, prestige and luxury while the color burgundy which is a dark red is an indicator of energy, enthusiasm, action and confidence.

The golden curves on the logo depicts golden strands woven into an intricate pattern to symbolize the fusion of elegance and energy with paths of different nationalities meeting and blending to form a harmonious community.

The logo has tried to capture this experience through the use of all elements that would define the development.